14 Best Rangoli Designs Photos For Competitions: Winners, Themes

best peacock rangoli design for winning school college competitions

Top 14: Rangoli Design Competition Winner Images for School/College

And this post kickstarts the Diwali festivities on VNA! If you are looking for images or inspiration for a rangoli competition then these original and uniques rangoli designs would definitely help you. I clicked these pictures at my college’s annual rangoli competition. I used to take part in rangoli competitions in my school and even won quite a lot of them too. But I can still recreate some of these at my home this Diwali. I’ve quite a good mix of winners of rangoli design competition so I’m gonna put the kolum designs under different categories like free hand, with dots, peacocks, ganesh or ganpati bappa, leaf or pan, circular, social messages, funny, random, etc.

You see there is a wide variety to try a new and modern design each year at competitions for Diwali. I don’t know much about South Indian festivals but I do hope that these easy and colourful rangoli designs would help you guys too. And if you choose to recreate any of them then don’t forget to send me a picture, I would love to share on my and .

Best Rangoli Competition Winners Designs Images

Best Rangoli Designs with Lord Ganesh

easy colourful ganesh rangoli design
ganesh rangoli design

This ganpatti bappa design is the easiest of the lot. You literally have to do nothing but make circles. Its good for befinners who look for rangoli designs with dots. And it looks so bright and fun. Such an eye candy!

best ganesh rangoli design for diwali
ganpati bappa rangoli

Another easy design with lord ganesh and paan. You have to colour big blocks so yep good for beginners. Its a leaf pattern so again can be made with dots and lines.

beautiful ganesh motif rangoli design for diwali
ganesh motif rangoli design

Here is a bit of challenge for those who are expert at rangoli patterns. These are the designs which make you win such kolum competitions in your school, college, office, family, etc.

Best Rangoli Designs with Peacocks

peacock dot rangoli design easy
peacock dot rangoli design

Again a very easy and colourful design for kolum beginners. And look at the fun use of pastel shades. It would look great at the entrance of your home.

peacock rangoli design how to draw easily
peacock rangoli design easy

This round peacock rangoli looks complex but its quite easy once you know how to draw the base shape with dots. Then you just have to use a cone to make borders and shapes. A very beautiful design using peacocks in the rangoli pattern.

peacock rangoli design for competitions
peacock rangoli design for competitions

Ofcourse there has to be a peacock with drums or tablas design. Its pretty common but nevertheless beautiful and colourful.

Best Rangoli Designs with Flowers and Diyas/Lights

rangoli designs with flowers marigold roses
rangoli designs with flowers

You can always DIY your rangoli colours at home if you want to go natural. Use pulses and spices from your kitchen to use as colours. Rose and marigold flowers are other good options.

leaf art pink yellow rangoli design for indian festivals
rangoli for indian festivals

So pretty and pink! Let’s call it a theme based rangoli for Pinktober Breast Cancer Awareness. Such a fun leaf shaped design with bright use of colours and diyas.

rangoli design free hand with tabla drums
rangoli design free hand

If you are a music lover then this is the design inspiration for you. Its quite an easy and free hand rangoli, all you need is a steady hand and a tray full of bright colours.

Best Rangoli Designs with Themes and Social Messages

rangoli design with social causes
rangoli with social causes

That’s quite a message on a festival like Diwali. Infact this can be used all year round. This shows how we have diverse cultures in India and yet we stand as one nation. Rangoli is made at the entrance of our homes whether its north India or south India, whether its Diwali or Pongal, Dussehra or Makar Sakranti.

social message giving rangoli design save girl child
social message giving rangoli

A rangoli propagating the cause of female infanticide and girl child in India. Go ahead use this theme rangoli as your design for the college competitions this year.

Best Easy and Funny Rangoli for Beginners

funny joker inspired rangoli design
funny joker inspired rangoli

This was the most crowded booth at my college! Rangoli based on the joker from Batman. Actually some people there could not even make that out. I know! Why so serious? Take a break and laugh at you troubles. Don’t miss the tikka touch to our desi joker!

cartoon joker inspired rangoli design

I hope this post help you out. Do tell me if you are a pro at these shapes or just a beginner. The Indian tv shows depict the bahus like rangoli making is a child’s play. Its not! Btw which is your preferred design: peacock, ganesh or something out of the box? We wish you a very happy and bright Diwali. More festive posts coming right up. And hope you win the rangoli making competition this year!

Which is your favourite Rangoli Design? Share your views with us.

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  6. Trust school competitions to bring the two worlds of batman and rangoli together! These are awesome designs.. I added some of these rangoli designs to my profile on ethnico as well. Although some of the rangoli could do with a bit more proportions and neatness overall..but I guess with more practice they could be better. Overall nice ideas..

  7. Trust school competitions to bring the two worlds of batman and rangoli together! These are awesome designs.. I added some of these rangoli designs to my profile on ethnico as well. Although some of the rangoli could do with a bit more proportions and neatness overall..but I guess with more practice they could be better. Overall nice ideas..a

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