10 Best Facial Kits Available in India

                                               10 best facial kits available in india

Top 10 Facial Kits in India

By Contributor: Moupee

We all want our skin to look flawless and youthful for many years to come but due to continual exposure to the countless skin foes like air borne pollutants such as dust, smoke, smog, then the scorching sun beams, our skin loses its natural glow and radiance. Also the natural aging process of the skin cells makes the skin acquire unwanted blotches, pigments and wrinkles. On the whole the skin loses its youthful glamour. However all these can be deterred and handled by following an intelligent facial care regimen.

The necessity of Facial Kits:

The glow & radiance of your skin can improve with effective skin cleansing, sloughing of dead cells and boosting of blood circulation on the skin surface. All these are allowed in the skin treatment called ‘Facial’ which also improves your skin texture a lot. There are specific facials for those with oily skin and also facials ideally made for those with dry skin. However getting a facial treatment done at a beauty salon might be quite expensive and time consuming. Therefore the ladies who desperately want to look beautiful might find it too heavy on their purse or might not be able to manage the time to visit the salons after a busy schedule at home or office.

To make skin care and hand-on facials easy for them, many reputed cosmetic brands have launched special facial kits which they could use on their own even at home. These are actually home facial kits and can be used freely anytime without waiting for the beautician to give you an appointment. There are various categories of facial kits available today ranging from Gold Facial Kit, Fairness Facial Kit, Acne Facial Kit, Instant Glow Facial Kit and many more

If you want to shop your best facial kit in India, here are the top rated ones

1. Astaberry Kesar Facial Kit:

best facial kit available in india

This facial kit by the brand Astaberry is a great complexion booster. The richness of Kesar activates your skin’s lymphatic system and purifies it of toxins thereby promoting a radiant natural glow. Kesar in Ayurveda is well famed as a blood purifier since time immemorial. Also your dark circles, acne problem will aptly be addressed since Kesar is a powerful antioxidant too. The kit includes Kesar scrub, Kesar cleanser, Kesar cream, Kesar Face pack, Kesar Massage gel and Toner. With the routine use of this facial kit, not only will your complexion improve but the roughness of your skin will also be bashed aside and your skin will turn baby soft.

Price: Rs.425

2. Vedic Line Bio Rhythm Facial Kit:

best facial kit available in india

This kit is ideally meant for mature skin that is prone to wrinkling and sagging. The kit consists of face pack, mask, extra-skin nourishing massage cream, anti-aging cream, scrub and the products are specially infused with extracts of grape seed and Vitamin E, Fatty Acids. The kit is specially formulated with collagen building ingredients and with the right massage strokes it can indeed speed up the renewal process of the bio cells.

Price: Rs.125

3. VLCC Anti-Tan Facial Kit:

best facial kit available in india

This is a special kit from the reputed brand VLCC, that removes sun tan, giving you your original glowing complexion back and also repairs the damage caused from tanning. The result is a bright skin with even skin tone. The kit includes Oatmeal scrub, Melawhite gel, Melawhite powder, Pista Massage cream and Melawhite pack.

Price: Rs.215

4. Jovees Fruit Facial Kit:

best facial kit available in india

The Fruit Kit from Jovees is definitely a class-apart product consisting in items such as Citrus & Blackberry Cleanser, Honey & Almond Facial Scrub, Papaya & Pineapple massage cream, Witch Hazel & Basil Skin Toner, Apple-Avocado fruit face pack, Witch Hazel & Tea tree face cream. After using this, your skin would breathe freely with its pores being unclogged and the fruit vitamins would impart sufficient hydration, nourishment and elasticity to the skin, giving it a youthful radiance

Price: Rs.155

5. Lotus Herbals Radiant Pearl Cellular Lightening Facial Kit:

best facial kit available in india

This kit by the renowned brand Lotus Herbals is powered by a technology that acts at the deeper cellular level and works towards skin lightening by means of deep cellular cleansing. The kit includes a Radiant Pearl Exfoliating cleanser consisting in ingredients such as pearl dust, extracts of green tea, licorice, A melanin-controlling Radiant Pearl Activator, A Radiant Pearl Massage Cream containing pure pearl dust, A Radiant Pearl Mask. With the use of this facial kit all blemishes from your skin will vanish and your skin will acquire a luminous pearly glow.

Price: Rs.950

6. Auravedic Night Repair Facial Kit:

best facial kit available in india

After a long and lousy day with all the pollution and sun rays acting on your skin, your skin badly needs some special repair formula and healing touch to get rid of the dullness that comes from the menacing role played by the pollutants on your skin all day long. This special skin repair kit from Auravedic is actually a night treatment kit consisting of a Vedic Night Repair Cream infused with Almond extracts and Grape seed extracts and a Pure Aloe Vera Gel, infused with natural herbs to give your skin a healthy delicate herbal care all through night.

Price: Rs.575

7. Shahnaz Husain 24 Carat Gold Radiance Kit:

best facial kit available in india

Explore the precious beauty secrets of the world famed beautician Shahnaz Husain who has formulated this special 24 Carat Gold Radiance Kit to unfold to the world the secrets of timeless beauty. The kit consists in pure 24 Carat gold scrub, a gold mask, a gold gel and a moisturizing cream. The sole goal of this kit is skin revitalization and purification, unusual golden glow and radiance, retardation of the skin’s aging process.

Price: Rs.599

8. Nature’s Essence Mini Diamond Facial Kit:

best facial kit available in india

Treat your skin to get the flashy diamond glow with the Mini Diamond Kit from Nature’s Essence that includes a Diamond Face Cleanser, a Diamond Scrub, a Diamond Skin Cream, a Diamond Glow Pack and a Diamond Polish Cream. The cleanser is a gel form cleanser consisting in pure diamond dust and Vitamin E Capsules and it offers deep pore cleansing. The scrub is made out of Walnut grains, Diamond Dust and Zircon ash. The Diamond skin cream consists in diamond dust, vitamin E, Wheat germ oil. It does the work of skin polishing and complexion boosting, imparting a smooth bright porcelain texture to your skin.

Price: Rs.200

9. Vaadi Herbals Lemongrass Anti-Pigmentation Spa Facial Kit with Cedar Extracts:

best facial kit available in india



This kit infused with the goodness of cedarwood and lemongrass, two powerful anti-oxidants, enhances complexion, combats pigmentation, improves skin health by boosting the blood circulation in the skin. The kit includes Lemongrass-Cedarwood cleansing cream offering in-depth cleansing, Lemongrass-Cedarwood face pack, Lemongrass-Cedarwood massage gel, Lemongrass-Cedarwood massage cream, Lemongrass-Cedarwood facial scrub.

Price: Rs.780

10. Himalaya Herbals Pure Skin Neem Facial Kit:

best facial kit available in india

This kit from Himalaya Herbals, a famed brand, is ideal for those with aceneic skin. It’s infused with Neem that has anti-bacterial properties and can thus destroy acne causing bacteria giving you a healthy pimple-free spotless skin. The kit includes a Purifying Neem Face Wash, Purifying Neem Scrub and Purifying Neem Pack.

Price: Rs.195

So these are some of the best facial kits in India to give you a healthy skin without digging holes in your purse!

 Which is your favourite kit? Share your views with us.


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  9. Really helpful post you have put there. I see so many of these in the market, get confused and return empty-hand all the while. Definitely going to pick some from the above list this weekend, for sure. However, I have uneven, slightly tanned/pigmented sensitive skin that’s behaving weird nowadays in the monsoons. Any recommendations??

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  13. Hello Friends,

    I can see here some comments for different brands of facial or creams.

    I have some questions.

    Mostly I don’t use facial and all..infact never used facial.

    I am getting married after a month. so some of my friends have suggested me to do facial and all..

    My questions is which facial kit is best for men & in winter ?

    Normally my skin is oily, but, in winter it becomes very dry sometimes.

    How many days before my marriage it should be done and how many times cab be done or advisable ?

    Pls pls reply me.


      • Thanks Anshita for your reply.

        Definitely I’ll do it in parlor. I am not going to do anything myself.

        But, question is which is the best one to use it ??

        In parlor, there will be many facial kits from different brands. so which one I can select it ?

        • these are at home kits. the ones they use in parlours are different. just go to a good place so you don’t have to worry.

  14. plz plz help me yaar I’m getting married this summer. ..n I desperately need ur help
    plzzzzzzzzzzsss reply..!!!!

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  17. hi am zezna February 2016 ill got marriage I have more collection can’t find wich one is best am dark between 2months iwant to whitening can u hel me wich one is best ???