Tutorial: How To Contour Your Face To Look Thinner

makeup contouring tutorial indian skin step by step

Trick Tuesday: Contouring Makeup Tutorial in 6 Easy Steps

By Contributor: Mahima

Continuing with our weekly tutorial feature, Tuesdays are now Trick Tuesdays because this section will feature makeup tutorials on all those tricks which look difficult but are actually quite simple. Today we will share tips and tricks on contouring Indian Skin along with a step by step tutorial on how to do it. Sounds difficult? But it’s really not, trust me ITS NOT. You just need a contouring powder, which is nothing special but just a powder which is 2-3 shades darker than your actual skin tone. There are many contouring products available in the market ranging from liquid, cream, compact powders to loose powder. Personally I feel that compact powders are the easiest to work with as its just like applying a blush but at different parts of the face.


how to contour face to look slimmer makeup tutorial
how to contour face to look slimmer

Difference Between Contouring and Bronzing:

And here I clear the big confusion which is between CONTOURING and BRONZING, well there’s a slight difference between the two terms. Contouring is using a darker shade to shade the the parts of the face that want to push back and look thinner, for example double chin, you can use a darker shade over the bulged area to make it appear a bit lifted up and a contouring powder should always be MATTE as a shimmery one will draw attention to the contoured parts and will make them stand out.

While bronzing is giving your face a tan or sun kissed look. Now if you have a lighter foundation which happens to most of us where the MUAs give us a lighter shade to make us look fair (I seriously wanna kill these kind of MUAs) you can use a bronzer to darken it a bit and a bronzer could be shimmery so that you can get the JLO glow!

Plus ATTENTION LADIES, get a contour according to your skin’s undertones which are basically either COOL or WARM or NEUTRAL

Now lets move on to the tutorial on how to actually contour your face to give that KIM KARDASHIAN CHISELED LOOK!

So here I’m using MAC harmony blush as I LOVEEE IT but you really don’t have to buy that. You can use inglot amc powder (shade 31 if you are an nc30-nc40), benefit hoola face powder or you can use an eyshadow as well.

how to contour makeup tutorial step1
how to contour step 1

Step 1:  LADIES.. just POUT, no I’m not clicking you but yes JUST POUT and make that famous fishy face.

how to contour makeup tutorial step2
how to contour step 2

Step 2: now you’ll be able to notice that your check bones have been lifted and a shadow is being casted by them so now use an angled brush OR just a normal brush OR a fluffy blending brush if you wanna be precise and apply the powder where ever the shadow is being casted. (you don’t have to be so heavy handed, I just did it for the sake of the tutorial)

how to contour makeup tutorial step3
how to contour step 3

Step 3: now here comes a little mathematics! To contour your temples make a line PERPENDICULAR to the line under your cheek bones. Like a 90 degree angle where they meet. Refer to the second photo of this post.

how to contour makeup tutorial step4
how to contour step 4

Step 4: now to contour the jaw line make a line PARALLEL to the line under your cheek bones you made in Step 2. Again refer the second photo for the basic idea.

how to contour makeup tutorial step5
how to contour step 5

Step 5: now grab a fluffly brush and blend it all in 3 way motion, don’t know what it is ? Basically if you’ll join all these lines made it will form a 3 so blend it in that motion without adding any more product. (refer the 3 on my face)

how to contour makeup tutorial step6
how to contour step 6

Step 6: So if you wanna contour you nose then just forget about that myth of making two lines on either side of the nose. Trust me that looks so ramleela types! So basically you wanna put this powder on the parts of your nose which you want to push back, if your nose is kind of tilted or crocked apply it on the side which seems to be crocked and not on the other side.

how to contour makeup tutorial finished look
contour makeup tutorial finished look

And tadaa this is the final look. You can see how it has made a difference to my overall appearance. My face looks thinner and chiseled. Contouring can be done to make a round face slimmer, your nose longer, your jaw line sharp, chin pointy and what not. So now go ahead and get those bronzing powders out and start practicing. And let me know if you have any requests for the next tutorial.



Have you tried makeup contouring? Share your views with us.


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    • Milyy♡♡ thankyou so much :* and I do use mostly DIY face masks for my skin which includes turmeric, honey and lemon face mask.
      And I’m wearing loreal magic souffle in this tutorial :*

  2. great tutorial I would also like to know abt ur foundation as I have same skin tone as well, are u around Mac Nc 30 ??

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    • Hey tiny,
      so to make your face look fuller just go on and highlight the area that you want to bring forward using a highlighter as it will bring attention to those parts making it look fuller :*. And thankyou so much and the lip color is red coat by lakme 9-5.

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    You are very beautiful adn the way you do your makeup is amazing. it took me atleast an hour to realise the fact that the photographs are yours and not of Alia Bhat.. you have great similiarites.

    Last but not the least – Your techiques are very good. I must try it out… if i caught somewhere proabably can get back to you.


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